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One thought on “Cart

  1. Taylor says:

    Oh god yes!!! I have felt awkward so many times!! But there is one that has really stuck in my memories. I was about 10, maybe even 9, and I went to day camp at the Salvation Army. That day, the counselers decieded to take us to a water park. I was best friends with this girl named Charlotte and she and I BOTH knew I had a crush on her brother Bennett. Anyway, Bennett and I were both on top of the monkey bars, (soaked from playing the in the water) when suddenly we were flirting like crazy. I don’t remember how we got this conversation, but it happened: “You better stop!” Bennett joked. “Or what?” I laughed, poking him again. “Or I’ll have to kiss you!”
    And me, being the smooth-unembarrased-not scared girl that I was (NOT!!!!) I FREAKED and said the first thing that came to my mind: “If you try to kiss me I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Since then, me and Bennett have NEVER spoken of that day and have remained ONLY FRIENDS. ^_^
    True story by Taylor.

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